2022 Global Economic Crisis and Rami Beracha

A global pandemic: the benefits Rami Beracha believes that the Covid 19 pandemic offers unique opportunities, even as the world is on the tail end of business closures and major economic changes.

Beracha actively advises towards digital transformation, even if some brick-and-mortar businesses have to close or change. He thinks he will continue to thrive long after the virus is over. Berach’s ability to create two new businesses in the worst economic times the world has ever seen is a testament to this belief in unexpected opportunity. Beracha’s determination to persevere despite the darkest of times is something every entrepreneur should know. Even in a crisis situation, every situation is worth taking a risk.

Beracha sees Covid as a way to move forward, even though it has destroyed many dreams. Beracha is a technology industry veteran who spent years developing the Israel-based company. During the pandemic, he reached out to business partners and established a new venture capital fund with them called Eden Block. Based in London’s West End. This fund supports the latest iteration of technology that uses Blockchain technology and digital currency as part of its operations. Eden Block is a great friend for companies looking to create new brands and products using this rapidly evolving technology. Beracha founded this company with two other young and talented entrepreneurs. Rami admits that the Web 3.0 world was recognized by customers and entrepreneurs before him. However, he created Eden Block with two smart partners and believes they will soon overtake him and discover promising disruptions in high-tech ventures such as VR, robotics and AI.

How Beracha achieved business development during and after the Covid era Beracha believes that the keys to his new success are love, self-confidence and time. Beracha advises entrepreneurs to focus on businesses and causes they believe in, rather than trying to push an idea that might not work. This allows investors and developers to react to market trends or change direction faster than if they relied on data. It’s a welcome departure from the heavy-handed decision makers of Silicon Valley. Beracha developed this passion through various experiences. After serving briefly in the military, Beracha earned a law degree. These credentials were used to work at a Wall Street-based law firm before he decided to change his career to the global business world. He soon moved to France where he earned an MBA. At this point, Beracha started working for Pitango in Israel, the largest venture capital fund.

His hard work and talent were quickly recognized by senior management, who promoted him to managing partner. He has led more than 200 technology startups in Israel. Many of these companies have become major brands such as Marvel, Microsoft, Broadcom and Apple. In 2014, Beracha again followed his own advice and founded Sosa. This company connects New York with Tel Aviv and supports high-tech companies with financial investors. Rising from the ashes Berach’s life is not all glamor and high-tech. He was only 18 when he joined the IDF in the Lebanon War as a paratrooper. He was 18 when he joined the IDF as a paratrooper in Lebanon. In 1983, he became an officer and joined a rescue team that helped wounded soldiers navigate an active land minefield.

Berach’s life changed forever at this moment. While trying to help another soldier, he fell into a landmine and instantly lost his right arm. Beracha became depressed after spending the next few days in a military hospital with no distractions. Beracha lost all hope of a military career and was left with a dubious identity. With the terrifying prospect of not knowing what to do, something inside clicked and the courage to start a new life emerged. Beracha’s business and personal growth was fueled by his sudden determination to never give up. After rehabilitation, he started to engage in other sports. Kilimanjaro. He was not going to be defined by his amputee status for the rest of his adult life.

As a result, Beracha developed a passion for kitesurfing and began traveling to Panama to enjoy the waves and relax. Beracha even managed to attach a prosthetic to his surfing equipment, so that he could stand up and enjoy the water like a pro. Beracha recalls that at first, she was angry about the injury. “However, my anger has faded over time and has been replaced by acceptance. I know that despite my disability, no matter what I do, I will have trouble choosing a career. It could be more challenging and interesting, though. The moment you stand on the board for the first time , no matter how new you are to kitesurfing, is an amazing moment.

It’s even more memorable when you have no legs or arms. Beracha’s future is as uncertain as anything, but with his determination to succeed and his immense love for life, you will have many stories and experiences of an extraordinary life.